The problem of unknown drones operating close to strategic locations and during military exercises has increasingly become an issue of concern in Estonia.

Eli CEO Mr. Tõnu Vaher was asked for a comment from the Estonian National Broadcasting Company, in regards to different options for controlling drone flight. He stated the following: „The radio systems that allow for the monitoring drone activities can usually do so in very limited areas, for example close to the boarder, etc. Over cities or any other urban areas a drone can basically only be discovered my a person. This means the Civil Aviation Administration is relying on reports submitted by observers.”

Changes to legislation are currently being worked on. With input from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior the new regulation would also determine when and how a drone flying over a strategic location can be brought down.

Eli remains committed to supporting the Estonian authorities in the process of better regulating the issue of drones and legislation that governs their operational use.

Check out the full story in Estonian and also get a glimpse of our ELIX-XL platform in flight.

Full story in Estonian can be found here