Eli was presented with the award for the Estonian defence industry compnay of the year for 2016. The award was handed over during an official reception hosted by the Estonian Ministery of Defence, following the annual Estonian defence industry forum. The minister of defence Mr Margus Tsahkna noted in his speech that the state must support and partner with the defence industry companies and aid them in opening new export markets and not hinder their growth in any way. He added that by doing this we can rest assured that we are investing in the development of our defence capabilities not only on paper, but also have the necessary resources.

The CEO of the Estonina Defence Industry Association Mr Ingvar Pärnamäe added that the committee made a unanimous decision that the title of the Estonina defence industry company of the year 2016 will be given to Eli. He brought out some aspects including the fact that Eli has invested into the development of future technologies and by cooperating with the Estonian defence forces has been able to export its products to more then 30 countries world wide. 90% of the companies sales today consist of export.

Eli CEO Mr Tõnu Vaher was honored to receive the award and stated that Eli has been contributing to the defence industry for more then 20 years. The companies motivation lies with the wish to contribute to the security and longevity of the Estonian state by providing innovative solutions.